“Inclusion youngsters with fewer opportunities”, PBA, Melnik, Czech Republic, 17 – 22/02/2013

Εμπειρία εθελοντή

This training took part in a small town about 35 km away from Prague calledMělník . At the first evening after everyone arrived at hotel we meet the organizer team at town’s cultural center, where we introduced each other and played funny icebreaking games in a very warm atmosphere.

At this event we gathered 20 participants from 16 countries and the theme was  «Inclusion of Youngsters with Fewer Opportunities». The aim of the project such as the name suggests, is bringing together participants who are working with  young disable  people and to create partnerships for future projects. For 4 days starting from the first day we followed a busy, intense schedule. Program included team and confidence building among the participants, workshops and presentations on each participant working fields and status. Last day we visited a local NGO wherein were provided information about their work.

Between the working hours we enjoyed fun chats, lunch and dinner, the delicious Czech cuisine and leisure mini city tours, everything was so beautiful. I have to mention the traditional Czech bars that pushed us to drink more and more and of course the amazing  «international night» and «Farewell Party» .

Another one amazing experience where I met new people, explored new places, exchanged ideas wish potential partners and finally enjoyed a mix of nice mood, delicious food and great company.

T. L.

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